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Tenant Screening

Being a landlord is fun when you’re able to relax and watch the rent come in every month. But how do you find those great tenants!?

We’ve partnered with Tenant Reports to provide you with a full, in-depth background check and credit report. On top of that, our unique report even includes employment and previous residence verification. You’ll have every piece of information you’ll need to accept or deny tenants, all at no cost to you. Or want to pay the application fee on behalf of your tenant? No problem, we give you the power to choose who pays for the report.

Automation at It's Finest

The ZenLord Pro Marketing System uses texting & email automation to keep the application & marketing process moving quickly.

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Easy to Share

Automated Texting

Credit & Background 

ZenLord Pro Features

We make being a landlord easy. One login. One solution.

Collect Rent with Ease

Collect rent and post late fees, for free, automatically!

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Tenant Communication

Send texts, photos, or videos back and forth with your tenants.

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E Lease Agreements

Upload your lease, customize, and send it out for signatures.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Powerful, easy, and free accounting software to keep track of everything automatically.

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List and Market Your Rentals

Easily create a link that showcases your rental, and handles applications with background checks seamlessly.

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Work Order System

An empowering system to manage, track and automate work orders for your properties. Create a pool of preferred vendors, charge tenants, & track it all.

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