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Collect rent electronically, with automation tools, free ACH processing, low-cost credit or debit, and instant balance checks to ensure you get paid.

Zenlord Pro Rent Collection Electronically with Zenlord Pro

Never Miss a Payment

Collecting rent with ZenLord Pro is simple and free. Tenants can pay via credit card, or ACH. Our ACH payments are powered by Plaid, which allows tenants to login to their bank using their normal login/password, select the account they’d like to pay for, and click submit.

This allows for instant bank verification, and instant balance checks- no more chasing down tenants after an insufficient funds notice comes through days later. ZLP automatically texts and emails your tenants on the 1st alerting them that rent is due. And automatically posts a late fee charge to their account based upon your lease on the 6th.

Process Electronically

Automated Reminders

Integrated System

Convenient for Tenants & Landlords

ZenLord Pro provides top of the line processing of rent collection.

Free ACH

Text Reminders

Instant Balance Check

Instant Account Verification