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Build Your Team or Use Our Market

Need maintenance done at your property? No need to hop on the internet to search for and track down vendors, we’ve done it for you. You can fill out job requests and send them directly to our network of maintenance vendors. Before you choose them you can see who they are, what types of jobs they service, and what they charge.

You can also send a job to the “marketplace.” When you use the marketplace, all vendors on our system who are able to perform your specific job get a text with the details, and can claim it on a first come first serve basis.

E-Pay Your Vendors

When vendors complete the job the invoice comes to you through our software, where you’re able to easily pay with the click of a button. Everything is tracked, and you can view all of your completed jobs, so you always know when and what type of maintenance has been done. If you’re a new landlord, this catches you up to speed with the veterans as your network is immediately built up and ready to service your every need.

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Track Your Jobs

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Collect Rent with Ease

Collect rent, to your business bank account automatically, for free, and charge late fee's with ease.

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Local Vendor Network

Zenlord empowers landlords to create pools of contractors, vendors and providers that can easily participate in the automation zen.

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Free Lease Agreements

We have localized lease agreements available to you, for free... and it's easy to use.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Powerful, easy, and free accounting software to keep track of everything automatically.

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List and Market Your Rentals

Easily create a link that showcases your rental, and handles applications with background checks seamlessly.

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Work Order System

An empowering system to manage, track and automate work orders for your properties. Create a pool of preferred vendors, charge tenants, & track it all.

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